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Testimonial from Dave Morgan (Cardiff).  I met Sam towards the end of 2015.  I had previously undergone major surgery resulting in a restricted diet.  This left me very thin with very little muscle mass, a 'Mr Puniverse' you could say.  I asked Sam to teach me Tai Chi as a very gentle form of exercise simply to get the body working again. Gradually over the weeks Sam introduced more exercises that enabled the rebuilding of the body.  I was amazed to learn later that Sam is a martial arts expert, something his very humble and gentle nature did not obviously suggest.  As the Tai Chi progressed Sam asked if I would like to extend it to learn self defence South Korean style.  I jumped at the opportunity and a year later have now become a blue belt in Tai Chi & Self Defence and regularly attend his weekly martial arts / self defence class.  I could never have done this a year ago.


Sam also practices numerous treatments such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Gradually I tried his Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments.  I had an historic back injury from years of sport so was sceptical that it would be resolved.  4-5 treatments later (and having religiously followed the exercise regime set) my back as now improved by around 75%.  Last year I was able to scuba dive every day for a month with no ill effect - something that caused extreme discomfort previously due to the weight of the equipment required.


A year on and this body is much stronger.  I'm just starting to enjoy energy levels not experienced since before the surgery.  My self confidence is higher due to the self defence and some of the old injuries have healed significantly.  There have been several minor injuries that have been treated with acupuncture too - every one has healed quickly.  For the first time in years I'm enjoying exercise again without the exhaustion previously experienced.  I really cannot thank Sam enough for his help getting me back on my feet.


It is humbling to see Sam's dedication to nurturing all those who approach him through exercise and specific treatment.  From my experience this has developed a well being of body and mind together with inner confidence and peace of mind.

Diane L Richards  


I recommend A visit to Sam' clinic to anyone. Sam is an amazing person and so qualified in so many fields.
Just talk to him and he will know the exact treatment that will help you best.
After two car accidents his acupuncture treatment relieved my pain first in my neck, shoulders and back and on the second occasion in my leg and hip.

Many years ago I had acupuncture treatment from a Chinese trained acupuncturist in Devon for a slipped disc and was standing up after one treatment. I have searched hard for over many years to find someone else to put my trust in with this treatment and have found it in Sam at Sam's clinic.

Visit the clinic and talk to Sam to see which field of his expertise that could help you. No need, then just visit his clinic as you may be able to recommend him to someone you know.

Liz Steer


I had acupuncture done this morning by Sam an from pontprennau church he was wonderful he did his job so good he massage my back first and his hands were lovely and warm then he put the tens on my back after that i had 3 needles in my back all of which never hurt then when they came out he was going to put 4 needles in the back of my hand but with all the pain i was getting i ended up having 10 needles in my hand so funny but since he done all this this morning I have had No pain at all in my back so thank you Sam I will have you again and I would definitely recommend you to everyone and he is not expensive like others I have been to if you want his number you can find him on Facebook under Sam an or inbox me and I would pass it on with please thanks Sam you made my day very comfortable and out of pain xx

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